Art House

St. Louis, MO  USA

Scope: Two-story penthouse for couple with extensive contemporary art collection

Charles Rose Architects developed a close relationship with the clients on an earlier project, Orleans House, which has expansive open spaces that showcase the couple’s contemporary artwork. In this project, the art gallery became the house’s centerpiece and the gallery spaces were designed to easily accommodate a rotating collection. Entry is by private elevator through a number of gallery spaces; this sequence is part of an overall plan that takes visitors through the art collection before introducing another stunning visual element: sweeping views of the Mississippi River and St. Louis’ Gateway Arch. The galleries and living/dining areas offer ample space for entertaining; the library and kitchen are designed to feel more intimate, by contrast. Museum-quality lighting is installed in the gallery spaces.

Materials: Terrazzo; wenge; zebra wood; beech; stainless steel; acoustical plaster

Landscape Architect: Stephen Stimson Associates
Lighting Consultant: PHT Lighting Design Inc.

Photographer: Alise O’Brien Photography