Carriage House

St. David’s, PA  USA

Client: Art and automobile collector

Scope: Gatehouse for private residence; caretaker’s office; garage; display area for art and crafts

An unusual structure—given all the intended uses—but the unifying theme is elegant space for housing the owner’s passions, from high-performance cars to paintings. Our design sets the carriage house on a gentle slope and relies on a material palette as varied as the objects within. The upper floor is wood and copper cladding; the lower floor is made of stone. Natural light permeates the interiors through clerestory windows at the junctures of the building’s sculptural forms. Outdoors, we envisioned acid-washed stainless steel trellises, planted with trailing vines. West of the building, a planar sculpture court is terraced into the site. A stone motor court provides access to a footpath leading to the main house.

Materials: Cast-in-place concrete; bronze; copper; glass; mahogany siding; artisan plaster