Edge House

Midcoast, ME  USA

Scope: 2,250 sf; single-family private residence

Client: Withheld

The approach to Edge House, a walk through verdant woodland abundant with ferns and moss, is a lesson in arrival. What appears is a woodsy yet contemporary dwelling divided into two volumes, framing an ocean view. Located on an island off Midcoast, Maine, Edge House is a low-slung cabin that hugs the rocky coast. The client commissioned Charles Rose Architects to design a simple cottage retreat that could take full advantage of the view, while also remaining inconspicuously nestled in the trees. The solution was a simple wood-shingled structure that features large glass windows, connecting both structure and inhabitant to the site. From the water’s edge, only a few hundred meters away, the house is barely visible. The selection of contextual materials, specifically cedar shingles, was meant to embed the structure in the landscape. For the interior, bedrooms are purposefully small, and beds were positioned close to the full-height windows, allowing occupants to immerse themselves in the view. Clerestory windows under the roof further amplify the quality of natural light and create a weightless effect on the roof from the outside. The stone fireplace, located in the living room, was crafted with stones gathered from the site as another way to bring the outdoors in.

Materials: locally harvested stone; cedar shingles

Structural Engineer: RSE Associates