Meadow House

Midcoast, ME  USA

Client: Withheld

Scope: 4,000 sf; single-family private residence

On a rugged coastal site—defined by a stand of mature pines, wild grasses, and outcrops of exposed rock—sits Meadow House. The home’s design responds to the coastline’s elemental forces; the architecture is at once refined and rustic, active and still, embedded and exposed. The roof planes extend into the landscape, drawing one’s eyes to the treetops while extensive glazing blurs the boundaries between interior and exterior spaces.

The site’s abundance of granite led to a collaboration with local craftsmen to create the house’s signature elements: twin granite piers that anchor each of the structure’s ends. Working with found stone and quarry remnants, we produced monumental fireplaces at each gathering space, inside and out. The large slabs with rough-hewn surfaces stand in juxtaposition to the expansive glass windows, sliding glass walls, and cedar used throughout. A master suite, raised to the second floor to take advantage of ocean views, enjoys a terrace consisting of an outdoor fireplace, a planted roof, and garden shower.

Materials: Granite; cedar

Structural Engineer: RSE Associates Inc.