Modern Victorian

Renovation and Addition

Boston, MA  USA

Client: Young couple with children

Scope: 5800 sf; renovation and addition to 1883 Victorian home

Our clients, a young, stylish couple, traveled throughout North and South America after their Israeli Military service until finally settling in the outskirts of Boston to raise their family. They were minimalists at heart immersed in a city full of historic architecture. The home they bought was in the perfect location, not far from Boston and perched above a swimmable lake, ideal for the whole family—but it was a Victorian home with a compartmentalized interior to match. They had a keen sense of what they liked, but not necessarily how to get there; they hired Charles Rose Architects to guide them. The result is a home transformed from the inside out.

The client wanted a contemporary interior that was airy and free of visual clutter as well as additional space to accommodate their young children. Our solution: open spaces with views spanning the length of the house’s first floor, greater simplicity, and a metal clad addition at the rear of the lot. Natural materials are used throughout the house, adding warmth to the white interior while expressing the clients’ aesthetic. A granite hearth that defines the kitchen/dining area introduces a tactile leathered surface, large basalt tiles lend the powder room’s walls sophistication, and oak floors infuse a honey-colored hue into all of the rooms. A glass and steel stair heightens the drama of the main living area while maintaining transparency.

Materials: Rheinzink metal cladding; oak floors; granite; basalt

Marvel Construction

PhotographersJohn Edward Linden Photography