Temple Beth Am


Miami, FL  USA

Invited Competition: Temple Beth Am, Miami

Scope: A temple complex; elementary school; gardens and playing fields

Temple Beth Am comprises a large sanctuary and social hall, an intimate chapel, an elementary school, and a library. Our design seeks to evoke a palpable experience of the spiritual through the interplay of water and light, massing and contemplative spaces, and a spatial progression through the complex that unfolds gradually, echoing life’s journey. Key landscape elements include a chapel water garden and a Holocaust memorial garden. The design blends architectural mass with ample light to heighten worshipers’ experience of contemplative spaces. A pool to the east of the chapel is positioned so that morning light reflects onto the chapel ceiling, creating a luminous effect. In the main sanctuary, light filters through a series of panels depicting bulrushes. Throughout the complex, landscapes are interwoven with buildings; by carefully creating views and connections to the outdoors, our designs seek to enhance the meditative qualities of the interior spaces.

Materials: Concrete; stucco; glass, cast glass; steel